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Server SSL Certificate Facts for Online Merchants

The installation of a server SSL certificate plays a major role in operating any kind of online business since security is very vital to both clients and business owners. Without these certificates that serve as protection to important transactions, conducting business over the Internet may seem very difficult. Gaining the trust of clients is very important so having your website equipped with the most reliable server SSL certificates will help a lot in protecting clients from fraud activities such as identity theft. By doing this, you can put your business on the brighter side leading to the success level that you are aiming for.

SSL Certificates- The Power of Encryption

Many of us may still be puzzled when it comes to an SSL server certificate so in order to fully appreciate it, knowing how it works to give security will help. Essentially, these certificates provide protection through encryption. It is the process of converting sensitive information like credit card details and other personal information such as name and address into undecipherable code while it is in transit from the server to the browser. This will prevent third parties like hackers from gaining access to the information.

Hence, the higher the encryption that your server SSL certificate has the better security it can provide. Best SSL certificates vary in the level and kind of protection so better choose the one that can offer adequate security that your business needs. Typically, companies make use of SSL certificates with 128 bit encryption to secure their transactions.

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Where to Get One?

It is no doubt that server SSL certificates are very important to online businesses but the question is – where can you purchase SSL certificates? Basically, these are widely available from companies that specialize in selling certificates just like GoDaddy. Web hosting companies also offers these and can even provide assistance with the entire installation process. Thus, it will be best to shop around and see which provider offers the best deal (the best price is usually Go Daddy).  But before you proceed with your purchase you need to secure the following:

  • Private Key
  • Dedicated domain name or IP address
  • CSR (Customer Signing Request)

These three elements are usually required by SSL server certificate providers to complete the installation of certificates. When buying certificates, it is best to buy from direct providers rather than web host resellers to save on the cost of the certificates.

Various Types of SSL Certificates

When buying SSL certificates, it is very essential to identify the type and level of protection that the different certificates can offer. This will help you get the most out of your money. Basically, there are four basic types of server SSL certificate and it is best to be aware of each. Here are your options:

  • Free SSL certificates– Free certificates are not often preferred due to the level of security that it offers. It does not guarantee full protection so if your business deals a lot with processing online payments then this may not be the right type that you should purchase.
  • Shared SSL certificates– As the name implies, it is the type of certificate that is share among more than one website. It is not costly as other types but the drawback with this is that you do not have total control of the certificate which can be a problem later on most especially when it comes to renewal.
  • Dedicated SSL certificates– This type of server SSL certificate offers the best protection as it is beneficial for one domain name only and that is yours only. You have the option to avail of the 128 bit encryption and even higher to serve the best purpose. The only thing with this is that you are required to have a dedicated IP address to successfully install this type of certificate.
  • Wildcard SSL certificates– This type of SSL certificate works best for online sites with sub domains. By using this type of server SSL certificate, data transmission is not only secured in the main site.

What about CSR?

To be able to successfully install SSL certificates you need to obtain CSR or Customer Signing Request which will serve as your passport to purchase. Hence, it is very important to learn how you can obtain CSR through your web host. The entire process is very easy and you will be assisted with detailed step by step instructions so you do not have to feel afraid to do it yourself so that you can work on your way to purchase a server SSL certificate.

To be able to successfully obtain CSR using any of the Windows OS, following these steps will be most helpful:

  • Launch the Internet Services in the Control Panel.
  • Go the Security section and click on Server Certificate.
  • Go to the right corner of the window and select Create Certificate Request.
  • Enter you company information i.e. the company site address etc.
  • Choose default settings for the encryption level.
  • Select Next and select the storage place for your CSR on your hard disk.
  • Select Finish and the request will be delivered to your web host provider.

Following these steps will guarantee fast generation of CSR to help you proceed with buying the server SSL certificate that will provide security to your business website and all the transactions associated with it.

The Price You Have To Pay

In actuality, SSL certificates prices differ per provider. There are cheaper certificates that are available but you need to make sure of its dependability before you purchase. It is highly advised to search for a reputable provider before activating the encryption on your web host site. This is very significant since poorly configured certificates are prone to detection by browsers like Firefox and Chrome. When this happens, this will present a warning indicator to the client which may affect the credibility of your business.

Hence, it is best to purchase an affordable but reliable server SSL certificate from a reputable company that offers maximum protection and 24/7 support, This way, you can get assistance for all the queries that you may have about the certificate.


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