Best Plugin to Use to Install a SSL Certificate on WordPress

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Best Plugin to Use to Install a SSL Certificate on WordPress

Knowing the best plugin to use to install a SSL Certificate on WordPress is important if you want to ensure that your certificate is properly installed and implemented on your WordPress site. Since SSL Certificates are a bit complicated to activate and implement, it would be a good idea to use plugins to manage your certificate.

By knowing the best plugin for specific website purposes, you will be able to select the right plugin that will make your WordPress site faster, easier to use and more organized. Hence, before you start activating your SSL, make sure that you know what plugin you should use for it.

Godaddy is a great option for reliable, cheap SSL certs.  Get the best price.

Best SSL Certificate for WordPress Sites

Of course, you should choose the best SSL Certificate as well. Since you are looking for the best SSL plugin for your WordPress site, you should also make sure that you are installing the best certificate with it.

GoDaddy has been, and is still, the best place to go for SSL Certificates. It is a well-known and well-established certificate authority, making it the best option that you can have. Also, their support system is great, which makes them the best one to choose when it comes to SSL Certificates.

Because you will likely need a lot of assistance for your first certificate installation and configuration, you would want to choose a company that will provide you with all the help that you can get. And, GoDaddy is your best bet for that.

Best Plugin for SSL Certificate Installation on WordPress

Now that you know what SSL Certificate to choose, let’s get on with the best plugin to use to install a SSL Certificate on WordPress. The list below will give you ideas on which plugins are best for your needs so check them out:

  • iTheme Security Pro

This WordPress plugin does not only make SSL Certificate installation and configuration easier but also helps you protect your WordPress site by various security measures. Two Factor Authentication is available to use on the login page of your WP site, which will ensure that only authorized users can log in to your account.

Because of this, you can protect your WordPress site with SSL Certificate and Security Pro at the same time.

  • Force SSL

Force SSL is a popular plugin that WordPress site owners use to redirect their links from HTTP to HTTPS. This is a much needed plugin for website owners who want to ensure that every link in their website is using the HTTPS protocol to prevent problems while browsing.

  • wpFortify for WooCommerce

If you are looking for ways on how to accept secured payment on your WordPress site, you might want to check this plugin out. You don’t need to undergo tricky SSL Certificate maintenance when you use this plugin since it will censure that your checkout page is protected with SSL.

When choosing the best plugin to install a certificate on WordPress, it would be best to know the purpose of your plugin. This way, you can use the one that you will greatly benefit from. Determine your needs first before settling on a WordPress SSL plugin.

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