exchange server ssl certificate:

Requesting, Importing and Enabling Exchange Server SSL Certificate

Secure Sockets Layer, more known as SSL, is an effective online security tool that was created by Netscape to enable secured communication among private Internet online sites. It utilizes encryption to protect all data in transit from being hacked or misused by third parties. Hence, it is essential to make use of exchange server SSL certificate that is more capable of providing online security. With this, you need to have an adequate knowledge of how to create a request, import and enable this type of certificate.

The Benefit of Upgraded Protection

In essence, the SSL certificate that you should acquire must be authentic in order to promote secured transactions online. However, there can be times that there will be inconsistencies with the operations, making it necessary to improve your online security through exchange server SSL certificate.

Basically, there are various types of online certificates that can be exchanged. The most basic type is the one being offered by web hosting sites without charge. But then, the major issue with this certificate is that it is not supported by a reliable CA or Certificate Authority. In turn, this will lead to various issues like being detected by browsers like Chrome which will initiate the warning signal not to enter the website. It can be annoying at the very least.

Thus, it is highly advised to enable an exchange server SSL certificate that offers the best protection and is accepted by a trusted CA to avoid problems with authentication. With this, it must be noted that SSL certificates are encrypted and it comes in various levels of protection. The higher the encryption level is, the higher the security and it may range from 40 bit to 256 bit. Usually, online websites make use of 128bit encryption to guarantee reliable security.

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Enabling and Installing Exchange Server SSL Certificate

In actuality, the process of obtaining exchange certificate entails a very easy process. Primarily, you are required to create a request to start the process. The best way to do this is to follow the following steps:

  • Generate the exchange server SSL certificate request through the exchange SSL generating tool.
  • Wait for the command to appear.
  • Copy the command and paste in to the command prompt of your server.
  • Locate and open the file and copy the entire encrypted text.
  • Log in to the Control Panel through the SSL provider and place the encrypted file as instructed CA.

Now that that exchange certificate has been requested you can proceed with the process of importing and enabling by following these steps:

  • Launch the shell prompt and enter the command as instructed.
  • Copy and enter the thumbprint in the next step.
  • Once finished with importing, the certificate must be enabled.
  • Test the certificate and verify if the registered certificate name or address appears with the https://name.

Given all these, you will realize that acquiring higher levels of protection is very easy with the use of exchange server SSL certificate. All you need is patience and willingness to go through certain processes to achieve your desired protection.


Exchange Server SSL Certificate| Requesting, Importing and Enabling