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What to Do When Server SSL Certificate Rejected Eudora

Eudora is a very well-known email client developed by Qualcomm similar to other kinds like Microsoft Outlook. It stands out because it is user friendly and can be used easily by people who do not have rich technical experience. However, there are some who are having problem with this email client as they encounter errors like server SSL certificate rejected Eudora. This may be a distracting and overwhelming but knowing exactly what to do can be a great relief.

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Why is Eudora having Error with SSL?

If you are using Eudora you may have encountered issued when it comes to receiving mails and once you try to fix the problem you end up with an error message that tells that server’s SSL is rejected. The fact that the server SSL certificate is rejected by Eudora may be much of a hassle so you may want to know why this error is occurring.

Basically, SSL or Secure Socket Layer has two main purposes. The first option is to encrypt the information that is being transmitted between the web servers and the browsers. The encryption process transforms the data into unreadable code that will only turn to its original form once it reached its destination. This protects all sensitive information that flows throughout the network, securing your business and the client.

The other function of SSL certificates is to confirm that the computer that you use to establish a connection is what the server claims. The error message that you are getting telling you that the server SSL certificate rejected Eudora simply means that Eudora cannot confirm whether the SSL certificate is genuine so it is actually unsure about the server. With this, what you need to do is to instruct Eudora to approve the certificate and this is what you have to know most particularly if you are having problem with the SSL certificate.

How to Resolve Eudora Mail Problem with SSL Certificate

Once the error message appeared that the server SSL certificate is being rejected by Eudora, all you have to do is to follow the following steps:

  • Click “YES” to close the error window.
  • Launch Tools and select Options.
  • Choose the option called Checking Mail that is located at the left part of the menu.
  • You should see the entry saying “Secure Sockets When Receiving”.
  • Look for the default setting “If Available STARTTLS”.
  • Select Never on the drop-down menu.
  • Proceed to the Sending mail category located at the left potion of the menu.
  • Select Never from the “Secure Sockets When Sending” rather than “If Available STARTTLS”.
  • Select OK to verify all the changes so you need to ensure at this point that everything is all set.

Given all these steps, you will know exactly what to do when you receive an error that the server SSL certificate rejected Eudora. These are easy to follow steps that will guarantee that the error will be eliminated. You just have to stay calm and follow all the instructions carefully to get the desired solution.


What to Do When Server SSL Certificate Rejects or Rejected Eudora


SSL Certificates to Provide Security to Email Servers

Online business owners make use of dedicated server for emails in order to deliver to their clients. These emails are meant to be confidential and secured so it is highly important for them to install a reliable mail server SSL certificate that will provide the most powerful encryption possible. By doing so, you can have all your passwords, usernames and email contacts secured and kept confidential. Given all these, it is beyond doubt that SSL certificate to secure email server is a very important element in any business online. But how do you actually get one for your site?

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Basically, mail server certificates have built in TLS and SSL so having these will allow you to encrypt the flow of email between you and the clients. In essence, standard email passage on the Internet is not encrypted, making email messages accessible to third party users.

Hence, when someone sends an email over wireless networks that are not encrypted, other parties that may be individual or certain groups can interrupt the flow of traffic and have access to the email. Unencrypted email servers are also vulnerable to ISPs or Internet Service Providers who are conducting a study on their clients email communication. Given all these, the installation of a dependable mail server SSL certificate is highly important.

Ways to Obtain These Certificates?

In actuality, there are two possible ways to get ahold of SSL certificates. One way is to buy an SSL certificate from a trusted CA or Certificate Authority and the other one is to come up with your own self-signed SSL certificate. Out of these two options, purchasing SSL from reliable CA offers higher and more dependable security.

Email users are not arranged to utilize self-signed SSLs since the warning dialog that appears when you connect to the server can be ignored. Thus, you can still proceed with the connection so it is better to buy mail server SSL certificate from reputable authorities.

This will not be difficult since there are a great number of companies that sells certificates online. Hence, all you have to do is to make a thorough research and you can find a company that offers mail server SSL certificate that will meet your needs and requirements. Of course, it’s important that you do your research to find the right company for you.

How to Purchase SSL Certificates

In essence, buying SSL certificates is the most preferred way to obtain certificates for your business website. Although you may think that it is a complicated process, following these steps can change your perception:

  • Generate your private key through your web host.
  • Generate CSR or Customer Signing Request using your web host.
  • Eradicate the password key by using your private key.
  • With your CSR, order a SSL certificate from trusted CA.
  • Wait until the CA delivers the certificate, usually through email.
  • Configure web host to use the SSL certificate.

By following these steps, you can successfully purchase and install the mail server SSL certificate of your choice to protect your emails from being accessed by unauthorized parties.


Mail Server SSL Certificates Provide Security to Email Servers