Guide to Purchasing a Web Server SSL Certificate

by ServerSSL

Guide to Purchasing a Web Server SSL Certificate from Trusted CA

In order to conduct a better business online, web servers are required to be tightly secured due to the high possibility of identity theft attacks and all other types of fraudulent activities online. With this, the installation of a reliable web server SSL certificate is necessary to ensure that all sensitive information passing through the server are safe and sound. This can help instill trust in your clients which will later lead to more profits. Thus, as an online business owner you must know where to acquire these certificates and how to make use of these.

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Why Purchase SSL Web Server SSL Certificates?

Primarily, SSL certificates should be purchased to promote encryption of traffic between your clients and the web server. With this, the flow of information between the clients and the server will go through encryption which enhances the integrity of data.

In general, buying a web server SSL certificate from a trusted Certificate Authority or CA can be confirmed by the clients via the Certificate Authority servers. This is actually the main purpose of CA so having these certificates lets clients gain confidence on the domain name of the website. In short, the SSL certificates help encrypt data so that your clients will know whether your domain is worthy to be trusted.

However, if you choose to create self-signed certificates instead of purchasing from CA then your clients will be directed to an error each time they connect to your website. The error tells that the certificate is unverifiable and cannot be trusted and the worst thing is more updated browsers like Firefox will even display a warning sign which discourages clients from continuing. Hence, a trustworthy web server SSL certificate must be purchased to improve the integrity of your business site.

The Benefits of Purchasing an SSL Certificate through CA

Essentially, SSL certificates that are purchased from a reliable CA mean that your client can validate your site. This will ensure them that the contents of your website are secured and encrypted, making it valid and trustworthy. The SSL certificate just proves that the individual or group who purchased the certificate is the exact owner of the domain. Other than these, here are more detailed benefits of purchasing a web server SSL certificate from a trusted CA:

  • Certificate Authority or CA acts as the third party that is used by the client browser in order to confirm your SSL certificate. Examples of reliable CA companies include Comodo and GeoTrust.
  • It facilitates secured connection via SSL certificate encryption. When the client connects with the server, it will deliver public SSL that the client will have to verify with the CA. Once verified, the padlock symbol will appear on the URL, showing that a secured connection has been established.
  • Trusted CA servers are included in the list of Verification Module for each browser which makes authentication possible.

Undeniably, web server SSL certificate plays a big role in promoting online business security and this can be improved further by purchasing these certificates from a trustworthy Certificate Authority that promotes more secured connections.


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