IBM HTTP Server SSL Certificate Installation

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Steps in HTTP Server SSL Certificate Installation

SSL or Secure Socket Layer certificates are developed by Netscape to serve as passage where transmission of confidential information between the web host and your clients happens. The utilization of HTTPS certificate improves the security of your business website through the process called encryption that exists between servers and browsers. With this, it is highly significant to learn the process behind IBM http server SSL certificate installation if you are using IBM server.

Different Types of SSL Certificates

In actuality, SSL certificates can be found in different types but your choice relies in the kind and level of security that you require. You can have SSL certificates to use on single domain names while there are certificates that can be used on several host names. Hence, you have the option to pick which type of certificate to install according to your website and server requirements.

In case you are using the IBM server, then it will be useful to get adequate knowledge about IBM http server SSL certificate installation so that you will be familiar with the entire process. Also, make yourself aware of the different kinds of certificates that you can install such as the following:

  • Free SSL certificates
  • Shared SSL certificates
  • Dedicated SSL certificates
  • Wildcard SSL certificates

Out of these, the one that offers the least security are free SSLs so as much as possible go for more expensive but powerful ones like dedicated SSLs. If your website has sub-domains it will be best to make use of wildcard SSL certificates for maximum coverage.

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Why Install?

The main point in having these SSL certificates installed is to provide a well secured environment to prevent fraudsters and hackers from stealing sensitive data over the Internet and using it for illegitimate transactions. Every e-commerce site owner must know about the IBM http server SSL certificate installation so that they can promote security of their clients’ sensitive information like bank details and other important details.

By installing a powerful SSL certificate on your e-commerce website, you can come up with a safe environment for your clients. Essentially, this is the most important element that customers are looking for in an online business.

Having this form of security can help gain customers’ trust, leading to a more successful business. So, learning about IBM http server SSL certificate installation is the best way to get started with securing your business online.

How to Install IBM HTTP Server SSL Certificates?

The installation of IBM HTTP server SSL certificates starts with installing the root and intermediate certificates:

  • Download the certificate from CA.
  • Launch key management in Windows.
  • Select and open key database document.
  • Enter the pass code and choose OK.
  • Select the signer certificates and click “Add”.
  • Select the root certificate, click OK.

After these steps, installing the primary server certificate will follow:

  • Choose key database, click OK.
  • Select personal certificate from the database content and click on “receive”.
  • Choose default settings.
  • Open the directory where the primary certificate is located, click OK.

By following these steps in IBM http server SSL certificate installation you can absolutely have a highly secured business website for you and your clients’ needs.



IBM HTTP Server SSL Certificate Installation| How To Steps and Tips

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clement Aigbomian September 18, 2013 at 3:15 pm

Dear All,

During installation of the primary server certificate i encountered an error while receiving the certificate from the given file. The certificate request created for the certificate is not in the key database. what should i do to overcome this challenge.



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