Ubuntu Server SSL Certificate Installation

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Learn About Ubuntu Server SSL Certificate Installation

Security is very important in the Internet world most especially if you are into e-commerce. The security of the exchanges of information all throughout the web is what you should secure among other things and this can be achieved through Ubuntu server SSL certificate installation. SSL certificates are the widely used security protocol created by Netscape. With this online security tool, all transactions online will be safe and protected from fraudsters and hackers that may just be waiting for an opportunity to steal information over the network. Don’t give them this opportunity.

SSL Certificates- What Do they Do?

SSL or Secure Socket Layer features a technology called encryption that ensures the safe exchange of sensitive data between browser and server. With this, it is impossible for external parties to gain access or tamper with the information that are in transit. The data are transformed into unreadable code until it reaches its final destination so that no one can gain entry with the readable information.

With SSL certificates, online businesses can gain more trust among clients who are just discerning of their transactions. With the proof that the business website is secured, clients will perform transactions with much confidence and this has a lot to do with the business success. Hence, online merchants must learn the process of Ubuntu server SSL certificate installation for best business outcomes.

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Self-Signed Or CA-Signed Certificate?

In actuality, you can choose from two types of SSL certificates such as the self-signed or CA-verified certificates. However, self-signed certificates are not advisable in intricate online business environments since they offer less protection than CA-verified SSLs .Generally, CA-signed certificates offer the following advantages so knowing Ubuntu server SSL certificate installation can be of great help.

  • CA-signed certificates are automatically recognizable by the browser so secure connections can easily be made without the need to prompt the user.
  • CA ensures the identity of the company or the organization that are giving the pages to the web browser.

In actuality, most browsers that approve SSL certificates have a list of certificates that can be automatically accepted. When browsers encounter a certificate that is not included in the list, the user will receive a prompt to decline or accept the connection. Sometimes, an error message appears. With this, the CA must be chosen properly before you proceed with Ubuntu server SSL certificate installation.

The Installation Process

The installation process of CA-signed certificate on Ubuntu server is very easy as you only need to follow the following processes:

  • Create private and public key.
  • Make a request for the certificate according to the public key.
  • Deliver the request for the certificate along with proofs of your identity.
  • Wait for the digital certificate and install it on the server.
  • Obtain the Certificate Signing Request or CSR through the terminal prompt.
  • Install the certificate and test whether it is working.

These processes give a quick overview on Ubuntu server SSL certificate installation which is a very easy process as long as you are patient enough to go about details and processes.


Learn Ubuntu Server SSL Certificate Installation| How To Install SSL

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